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Press Release: Next Day Animations and Next Day Furnace Repair to Merge

April 1, 2017 –

Representatives from Next Day Animations and Next Day Furnace Repair announced today that the two companies will be merging as of 04/01/2018.

Next Day Furnace Repair is a leading force in repairing rusty furnaces nationwide, while Next Day Animations is known for award-winning explainer animations. “We share a commitment to quality AND all our clients want things fast. This merger was staring us in the face for years,” said Next Day Furnace Repair president J.J. Brown. “Whether our clients are staying toasty or bringing content to life, we look forward to doing it quickly,” Added Buddy Austell, Spokesperson for Next Day Animations.

Coincidentally, a customer of both companies, Scout Underwood, walked by as this press release was being drafted and remarked, “As a frequent buyer of furnace repair solutions and explainer animations, I’m delighted to get them in one stop!”

While Next Day Furnace Repair and Next Day Animations are currently headquartered only 15 minutes away in Jessup, MD and Baltimore, MD, for a diplomatic fresh start, the new headquarters of both will be relocated to exactly halfway between these locations. This happens to be to the side of an on-ramp to I-95.

While the merger will result in no staffing redundancies, animations and furnace repair staff will be cross-trained to maximize efficiency, synergy and innovation. For clarity in the new company’s specialties, the current names will be amended to Next Day Furnimations.