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Project Spotlight: Clear Health Analytics

Choosing a healthcare plan is crucial, but for many of us it can be a confusing, complex process. How do we navigate the sea of options, and make sure we’re getting the best care for the cost?

Clear Health Analytics is your navigator. This critical tool has been developed by a group of consumers who’ve experienced first-hand the need for more clarity and simplicity when dealing with something as essential as a healthcare plan.

Clear Health Analytics is an insurance decision analysis tool that compares the annual cost of multiple plans available for purchase. The Clear Health Analytics team saw the need for a tool that makes it accessible and easy to make such a necessary and important financial decision. All you have to do is provide some information about your household and its health needs, and voila! You’ve got the best plan for your buck.

We were eager to help get the message out about this software service that translates insurance company babble into clear, measurable data. For the team here at Next Day Animations, it was a perfect fit! Our work is all about making complex ideas into something accessible and engaging.

Check out our whiteboard animation for Clear Health Analytics: