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Project Spotlight: Seed Savers Exchange

So often a nonprofit’s mission is far-reaching. These organizations are typically creating programs that will benefit their communities while serving as educational hubs for their cause. Because of this, telling a story that gets their message across while providing information in a way that is true to a nonprofit’s voice can get a bit…seedy (pun intended).

Seed Savers Exchange partnered with Next Day Animations to create a one minute video to communicate its mission: the conservation and promotion of culturally diverse and endangered heritage crops. Seed Savers’ approach to this mission is based on the unique model of participatory conservation, an environmental movement that aims to promote the well-being of farmers and communities just as much as it does the wildlife. This goal is achieved through an exchange program which helps people save and trade their seeds.

When creating this video it was important to emphasize the importance of heritage crop preservation both as a way to create a healthier ecosystem and improve daily life. The video starts with a quick side-by-side visual comparison of heirloom produce versus supermarket veggies which makes it clear that heirloom fruits and vegetables are worth the extra effort. A simple, hand-drawn style is used throughout the video. This, combined with the direct but lighthearted style of whiteboard storytelling, makes this video work as both an educational and promotional piece.

We’re pleased to say that this whiteboard animation successfully communicates Seed Savers’ mission in a way that can be shared over and over and will help to get people involved in their cause. Check out their website and view their video to learn more about Seed Savers Exchange!