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Meet The Scholarship Winners

By January 4, 2017August 16th, 2019Next Day Animations

Girls Who Illustrate Awesomeness Scholarship

Last year, we launched Girls Who Illustrate Awesomeness, a scholarship for young women of color who are actively working to change the world. We received over 150 amazing applications from inspiring young women across the country. We’re thrilled to announce the winners and honorable mentions.


photoRona Wang

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

“I’m so excited to receive this scholarship! Right now I work 10+ hours a week while attending MIT in order to afford my education, and this money will absolutely help me. Being recognized for my work with teaching students how to code is also so encouraging. I want to use this opportunity to cultivate both my own learning and others’ potential.”



Jael Whitneyscotland

Kansas State University

“I am so happy with this scholarship! Not only did the scholarship line up with my goal to continue helping out in the Native American community, but I also felt super supported by the team who runs it.”


Honorable Mentions

Eunha Park, New York University

Kyana Washington, Spelman College

Jazmine Diggs, Emory University

Giselle Uwera, University of Michigan – Ann Arbor

Alexa Strabuk, Pitzer College

Divine Zheng, University of St. Thomas