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Stand Out In A Crowded Field: Differentiate with Explainer Animation

Standing out isn’t easy. Whether you’re selling gadgets, ideas or services there’s a more than likely chance that what you’re offering already exists. And what’s more is that we live in a postmodern world where anyone can promote their products with just a few clicks.

Based on a quick Google Search it may seem like the marketplace is saturated and that the world doesn’t need another plumber, botanist, artisanal donut maker, xylophone tuner or whatever it is you’re dreaming of becoming. However, it is crucial to not let this deter you. Instead, you should think of competition as an opportunity to fine-tune who you are and what makes you unique. This information will enrich your brand, define your audience and help you create the best products possible.

If you’re feeling stuck and are looking for some creative ways to stand out in a crowd, consider trying explainer animations. These methods that have helped our clients get their message out:

  • Use humor to get your point across: People will remember what makes them feel good and will be more likely to want to connect.
  • Use heart to make an impact: If you as a company are doing good in the world, let it be known that you are a brand that cares. People will notice and feel inspired to work with you.
  • Find a sub-niche:  Get really specific about what you specialize in. Become the expert in your corner of the industry and the customers will follow.
  • Think about all of the “bonus” ways your company can improve the lives of your customers. If your team is competent AND fun to work with, promote that! If your product performs better than any other AND it looks cool, don’t forget to mention how cool your potential clients will look once they decide to buy.

So don’t just mimic the brands in your field that are doing well. Figure out what makes you unique, and make your voice heard using explainer animations!