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Using Animation to Create Change

Change is hard. Usually we say this when the change is happening to us – like when we’re adapting to a new daily routine, trying to out-smart our new smart phone, or, say, adjusting to life during a pandemic.

But the truth is change is also hard when we’re the ones making it happen – like pushing for a new process at work, trying to get your kids to put their socks in the laundry instead of leaving them all over the house, or… advocating for racial justice during the aforementioned pandemic.

Change means different things to different people and organizations – it can be big or small, personal or communal. Here at Next Day Animations, we’ve seen it all, and while we don’t have all the answers, we do know that explaining things through quick, memorable, animated videos can help pave the way for changes of all kinds. Here are a few examples.

Policy Change

We’ve worked with nonprofits and for-profits alike to create videos that helped bring about policy change. Check out our video about Louisiana’s Habitual Offender Statute, which helped inspire voters to pass justice reform in that state last year.

Cultural Change

We’ve worked within companies of all sizes to usher in necessary cultural changes that better support employees and clients. We made a series of videos that celebrated and cultivated amazing customer service for an international hotel chain. We also worked with a consulting firm specializing in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion to develop materials that would support this kind of change within orgs of all stripes.

Behavioral Change

And we’ve worked with organizations to advocate for changes to our individual habits and choices. For example, our video for the American Lung Association about the benefits of not smoking, and our work with the American Kidney Fund to support individuals with diabetes in managing their ongoing health.

Whether you’re trying to change something massive, like structural inequity, or something more small-scale, like the way individual people make choices, animated explainers can help. And with so many of us spending time online as a way of both numbing out and tuning in, your video has more potential than ever before to reach more people and affect more change.

Once change is in process, helping people manage it can be a challenge, too… stay tuned for 5 examples of how video helped us hate change less.

How can we help you create the change you want to see in the world?