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Using Animation to Train Your Team

When you think about corporate training, what comes to mind? It’s easy to think about a fluorescent-lit back room, a pile of three-ring binders, or a stuffy, dry conference room with a tired trainer flipping through a PowerPoint presentation. Nobody’s enthralled, and everybody’s daydreaming about what’s in the fridge for lunch, or when happy hour’s going to roll around.

But what if we told you that corporate training doesn’t have to be this way? That there exists a better way to successfully train your employees – to convey your message, to get your employees engaged, and to actually help them retain what you’re trying to teach?

There is.

Enter whiteboard explainer animations.

By using compelling narration and captivating visuals, explainer animations are able to be as entertaining and engaging as they are educational and informative—so you can be sure that as you relay your message, your audience’s curiosity will be incited, and their minds informed.

And not only will an animation pique your audience’s interest, but it will make your job easier at the same time! They take the pressure off of you to drum up a more lively presentation, or put the spark back in those dry documents, or to learn how to juggle flaming torches just to keep your audience from drifting off while you speak.

Explainer animation has lasting power, and can serve as the perfect way to make your message stick – so whether you’re onboarding a team of new hires or you’re updating your existing staff about overhauled corporate processes and protocols, it’s a fantastic way to help your employees connect with your brand and hop on board.

Why not get the ball rolling for your next corporate training session? Here at Next Day Animations, training videos are right in our wheelhouse. We’ve got the seasoned scriptwriters, the expert illustrators and the perfect productions team to transform your message into one that’ll pop. So say goodbye to those old training manuals, and say hello instead to your own personalized and branded animation today!