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Writing an Effective Call to Action for Your Explainer Script: What Works, What Doesn’t

When it comes to improving your conversion rate (read: getting your audience to actually do what you want them to after the video), there’s no element more critical than your Call To Action (aka CTA).

So first, you need to critically think about what that dream next action actually is.

Ideas for a CTA might include:

  • Visit this website!
  • Sign up for a free trial!
  • Call now!
  • Sign the petition!
  • Share this video!
  • Watch more videos!
  • Go spend some quality time with your cat!

So what makes a great CTA? It should be:

  • Easy to do: No crazy long URLS
  • Included in the voiceover AND on-screen text
  • Couched in terms of the benefit they’ll receive, ie. “Call today for your free trial!”

Where does the CTA happen, exactly?

The CTA almost always comes at the very end of a video, for two reasons:

  • You hit your audience with an action right after their peak interest
  • It’s the last thing you want them to see, setting them in the right direction.

But in addition to including your CTA in the voiceover and visuals, you can also consider adding a link overlay in YouTube (or your video platform of choice). These are those pop-up annotations, which can link to external landing pages, directly.

Ready to get started? Go spend some quality time with your cat!

Whoops, I mean, give us a call today to sketch out how your video can strategically motivate your audience to doing exactly what you want.


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