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Will My Idea Make a Good Video?

Many people come to us with the seed of an idea, usually something that their team has been talking about for a while, but they aren’t sure if it will make a good video. Here’s a secret… we can make anything into a good video. Seriously. It’s what we do!

We’ve helped answer the question “What’s your plan after high school?”, we’ve illustrated the complicated vote-by-mail process in Ohio using the state bird (bet you’ve never seen a cardinal filling out a ballot with a sharpie), and we’ve made organic soil science fun. We’ve also crafted entertaining, and easily digestible videos about irrigation systems and escalator mechanics. For real. 


Here’s how:

  • We help you think through your ideas. We’re great at simplifying, clarifying, and amplifying what you want to say.
  • We ask you lots of questions. You don’t have to have a sexy idea to make a video, you can just have a plain old everyday idea, and we’ll work with you to articulate why it’s interesting.
  • We rely on you to be the expert on your business. We may not know jack poop about how elevators work, but if you explain it to us, we’ll elevate it to compelling content. (And we’re not above a good dad joke.)
  • We know how to tell a good story. We find the emotional core of what you’re doing, and we make it relevant to your audience.
  • We collaborate. We’re your co-conspirator, your partner in crime, you cool colleague with good advice.
  • We have fun! We literally get to make cartoons for a living, and we think the process should be as enjoyable as the product.

But before you even call us, there are a few things you can do to find your story. It may seem hard to encapsulate in a few sentences who you are, what you do, and why you’re special… and it is! But it’s worth it. The ability to articulate clearly what you’re all about is a skill that will benefit your organization even after you make a video or launch a campaign. Any work you do to explain, excavate, and elevate your idea not only helps your marketing messaging externally, it will help people feel connected to your mission internally.

Here are some questions to ponder when thinking about how you might turn your idea into a video: 

  • How would you explain your idea in plain language so that someone outside your industry can understand it?
  • Do you know who your idea is for? Who benefits from your idea?
  • Does anyone else have your idea? If so, what sets you apart?
  • What happens if your idea doesn’t get out into the world? What are the consequences?

Here’s the truth: anything can be a video. Really! Using a proven process, our team of experts, and your industry knowledge, the list of things we can draw up is limitless.