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5 Tips for Focusing on Quantity to get to Quality

Does it make you a little sweaty to think about putting things out into the world without making sure they’re Absolutely Perfect™? Allow us to share some insights from our ten years making high quality explainer animations – fast.

When we say “Quantity over Quality” what we actually mean is “Quantity leads to Quality.” You can’t help but get better at something when you do it over and over again.

The more blog posts you publish, the more comfortable you are writing them, and the more data you have about how your readers engage with them. If you spent a week crafting what you think is the perfect blog post, you lose out on the insights you could be getting by publishing 3 blog posts in the same amount of time.

So, how do you work fast without sacrificing quality? Here are some tips for getting to the best version of whatever you’re making, asap.

Define your main goal

This could look like:

  • Convert readers to customers
  • Increase awareness
  • Drive traffic
  • Generate leads

Nothing can do everything, so pick your top goal, and go from there. 


More brains equals better ideas. 

Struggling to clarify an idea? Run it by a colleague for their input. Bonus points if your colleague is from a different background, or different department, and can bring a whole new perspective. 

Or, partner with an expert (wink wink) to make something you couldn’t on your own. 

Get Feedback

Don’t be afraid to engage your customers, viewers, or end users in your marketing – ask them what they think! You don’t have to read their minds… they can just tell you. 

You can also collect feedback through analytics and interpreting how users interact with your website and social media. 

Set a Deadline

Even if it’s completely made up, having a deadline can give you the sense or urgency you need to get something done. 

Adding an Accountability Buddy – someone who can ask you how it’s going and listen to you complain about how hard it is – can help. 

Let Go of Perfectionism

Believe us, we know… it’s easier said than done. 

But what if instead of obsessing for hours, days, or even months over every miniscule detail… you embraced the awesome product you created and got it out into the world? What’s the worst that could happen? It feels good to complete something, and move on to the next amazing thing. 

By creating more content more quickly, you can learn and improve faster. You’ll be surprised by what you can accomplish in a small amount of time. 

Here at Next Day Animations, we pride ourselves on being able to meet any deadline. (Seriously. Our name isn’t Next Day Animations for nothing!) And what we’ve learned from the rush projects is that collaboration, iteration, and focus can lead to amazing results – no matter what timeline you’re on.

Ready to get started on your animated explainer video – at a pace that works for you? Call us!