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Maximizing the Return on Investment (ROI) of Your Explainer Video

Explainer videos are incredible marketing tools because they stand out in a crowded social media landscape, help your audience retain the information they see and hear, and can be tailored to promote almost any purpose, product, or service. (Did we mention they’re super fun to watch?)

The problem is, there are almost as many ways to make an animated explainer video as there are topics to make videos about. Should you try to DIY it… or hire the most high-end Hollywood production company to make a mini-movie about your topic? 

You probably have a budget in mind, but how do you know whether you’re getting your money’s worth? How do you decide how much to invest, and what a reasonable return is on that investment?

Choosing the Right Topic for Maximum ROI

A lot of your ROI is going to come down to your goal. How do you choose the smartest topic to explain? For some, an organizational overview of your “why” is a smart investment- the same video can be leveraged for different audiences and events. For others, a more specific topic might be the convincing argument you need to drive sales or your initiative.

Imagine that you had a magic wand that could drive your audience to a specific action – but you can only use it once. How would you use it?

Or another way of putting it: What’s the most valuable action you want your audience to take? 

Often, it’s an action like this:

  • Make a purchase
  • Donate immediately
  • Sign up for more information (and give you their contact info)
  • Pick up the phone

So how much is this successful action worth to you? 

Once you have clarity on the smartest use for your video, that purpose and the potential value of a successful video should drive your production decisions. 

Production Investment:

Your production quality makes a huge difference in capturing your audience’s attention. Here are the nuts and bolts of what you’ll want to invest in wisely:

The Foundation of Your Video… aka Your Script

Distilling your message down to the most engaging and persuasive story isn’t easy. (Like the old quote, “Sorry for the long letter, I didn’t have time to write a short one.”)

But how do you know what details to trim and how to set it up? A professional explainer animation scriptwriter can help you find the most concise and powerful way to share your message. 

Should You Record Your Own Voiceover?

Maybe your bedtime story reading deserves an Oscar, or your Board Presentations end with standing ovations. Or maybe, like most of us, you cringe when you hear your own voicemail recording. 

This is when having a professional voiceover artist really makes a difference for your video. It’s not about having a nice voice, it’s actually about acting. And recording equipment. 

If you’re looking for the quickest way to dramatically increase the quality of your video, look to a professional voiceover. 

Candy for Eyeballs

There are dozens of ways to create visuals, ranging from literally drawing on a whiteboard and recording it with your phone, to working with an explainer company like us, Next Day Animations. 

The challenge with DIYing or working with existing drawings or templates is that you’re stuck with your own skills or the generic image assets you have.

When you work with Next Day Animations, our illustrators and animators work with you to create the exact visuals (sometimes highly technical) that you need, within your brand standards. So you end up with custom, high-quality visuals that reinforce your brand identity (and can be edited and repurposed for social media).

Getting it Past the Finish Line with Project Management

We’re going to be honest- DIYing a high quality animation requires time and energy… and probably a few headaches, particularly if you’re not the only one making all the decisions. (Ever heard of a “swoop and poop”? It’s when a stakeholder shows up at the last minute and wants to change everything.)

By working with a team like ours, you’re investing in making the project go as smoothly and easily as possible. We’re able to predict and prevent obstacles from getting in the way of your completed project. 

Maximize the Odds of…. Maximizing Your ROI

Only you can determine the investment that makes sense for you.

But no matter what metric you’re using to value and measure your ROI, working with a company specializing in explainer videos – ahem, like Next Day Animations – will get you closer to your end goal than doing it alone. 

Do you have a specific goal you want to meet, or return you want to see on your video investment? We’d love to hear about it! Our explainer experts (Beny, Louise and Laura!) are standing by to talk with you at 202-747-0404.