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5 Ways Whiteboard Animations Can Inspire Your Audience

One common misstep that businesses make with their digital marketing strategy is simply developing an audience and then failing to drive them to act. Whiteboard animations can inspire audiences to not only listen to what you have to say but to also buy your product, invest in your Kickstarter or participate in your events.

5 Ways Whiteboard Animations Can Inspire Your Audience To Act:

  • They are short and sweet. Whiteboard animations are simple by design, ranging from 20 seconds to 4 minutes depending on the project. Simplifying your story is the best way to get your point across quickly and effectively.
  • Whiteboard animations include a clear call to action so your audience doesn’t have to go out of their way to get what they are looking for. Whether it be a clickable button to your website or your Kickstarter’s URL hand-written and narrated in the last frame of your video, at Next Day Animations we work with clients to help ensure that their video has foolproof actionable next steps.
  • Visual aids keep your audiences engaged. We all know that the internet’s sea of content has shortened our attention span to that of a goldfish. Make the most of your time by implementing visual and auditory connections that will help make your story stick with viewers.
  • At Next Day Animations we offer a variety of styles including vector character graphics, 3D animations, kinetic text videos, 2D infographics as well as stop motion videos. With so many options you can be sure to find one that best fits with your brand and that speaks to your target audience.
  • Animations are fun! Your audience will be more likely to retain information that was obtained while in a positive state of mind.

If you’re looking for ways to inspire your audience to take action, think about using a whiteboard animation. You’ll be telling your story in a way that is clear, targeted, engaging and direct. And what’s more, your audience will thank you for speaking to them in a way that is fun and thoughtful.

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