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8 Ways Your HR Department Could Use An Explainer Animation

By September 22, 2017September 29th, 2017Whiteboard Animation, Nonprofit, Video-Based Learning

If you work in human resources, communicating is a huge part of your job. You work to ensure staff members are on the same page about…pretty much everything work-related.

While explainer animations can’t replace the value of face to face human interaction, they can certainly help you reach a large staff in an engaging, memorable and consistent way. Here are 8 ways that your HR department could use an animation:

Recruitment Video

Are you hiring? You want to attract the best possible applicants to your position. How do you make your job listing stand out and set your company apart? A short video that tells a little about your company mission and culture can help a potential applicant really imagine what it might be like to work for you. And if they like what they see, it’ll push them to get their application in.


A short HR animation welcoming new employees and reviewing your organization’s mission, vision and values can make the process feel less overwhelming and get them excited to start their new job. It won’t magically make the pile of forms disappear from your new hire’s desk but… it can break up the process and reassure them that they’ve joined a great organization.


Maybe you’ve used powerpoint one too many times and your staffs’ eyes are glazing over. Training with animation enables you to really engage your staff. Animations can emphasize key points and visually explain ideas, while giving you a break from talking for a few minutes and breaking up the monotony of powerpoint slides. Animations are also extremely flexible, working for multiple online platforms and adaptable for audiences around the world.

Memos and Announcements

When your company has important news to share, let an animation do the talking. An animation can turn even the most mundane office memo into an exciting revelation.

Policy Update

Policies change. Which means employees may need to unlearn something they already know. An animation can help spell out exactly what a change in policy means for an employee, and can ensure they pay attention and actually retain the information.

Celebrate Achievements

Is your company celebrating a big anniversary? Did your org just win a prestigious award in your field? Honor your company and your staff for their part in the achievement. An animation is a great way to celebrate and make people feel special and appreciated. You can even include photographs or illustrations of your staff in an animation.

Staff Development

We all know training shouldn’t be a one-time thing. Best practices change, and everyone can use reminders to stay sharp. Incorporating animation into your staff development will keep it light, fun, and sticky. Employees will walk away with key ideas they can bring into their work, feeling fresh and excited to try them out.

Share Values

As HR professionals, you want your staff to love working at your company. One way to strengthen the company-employee relationship is by creating a culture of values that everyone is a part of. An animation is a great way to quickly convey who you are as a company and what you stand for. A quick explainer outlining core values and culture will generate buy-in, appreciation, and enthusiasm from your staff.

In so many ways, HR is about making sure everyone is on the same page, whether it’s with policies, culture, big news, or best practices. Strong communication is key, and animation is an amazing communication tool. With an animation, you can communicate quickly with a lot of people, maintain control of tone and content, and share messages that stick. Good internal communication is crucial to being a great place to work, and while it’s still important to have face-to-face conversations and real human connections, animation can elevate your game, delight your staff, and make your job just a little bit easier.

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