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How an Explainer Animation Will Save You Time

Here at Next Day Animations, we know that one of the most valuable resources for your team and your audience is time. If you want to save this most coveted of resources, you should consider using explainer animations. We’ll tell you why.

1. Explainer Animations Condense Information

Explainer animations combine moving imagery with narration and text in a way that makes it possible to squeeze lots of content into a ridiculously small amount of time. Our videos can communicate the who, what and why of an organization or product in less than two minutes!

2. They Are Engaging by Nature

Our videos are catchy, engaging and fun to watch. We all know that harnessing people’s attention online is no easy feat, that’s why it’s more important than ever to make sure your advertising material is both visually stimulating and direct.

3. They Communicate Your Brand

Explainer animations are a great way to showcase who you are. With branded colors, logos and characters, this type of video makes for a great way to enrich your brand’s voice and tone in order for your organization to most effectively – and efficiently – reach your dream clients.

4. They Can Do The Talking

Do you have to communicate the same thing to a whole bunch of people? Let an explainer animation do the talking. If you have an internal announcement or new product to rollout, an explainer animation can communicate the message to your audience with just the click of a button. And with an animation, you have complete control over what is said and how it’s said.

5. We Make ‘em Fast, So You Don’t Have To

Our process is quick. With just a few phone calls, some rounds of edits and communication, your marketing dreams can become reality! No need to learn to animate. Leave the legwork to us, and save yourself time doing the things that matter most.