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How One of Our Animations Closed a $45M Deal (True story!)

We’ve shared how animations have contributed to the success of our clients in the past. Forgive us on this one––we can’t divulge the details, but Girl Scouts’ Honor, this is a 100% true story.

Years ago, we created a video for the White House. Or, rather, for a client of ours who had a big meeting coming up in the White House.

In a room full of important decision-makers, our client (who must remain nameless for security purposes) played their animation. 

And our client left that room with a handshake and a forty-five million dollar contract.  

Fast forward to this past year, and our nameless-for-security-purpose-clients are on the phone with us again: “It’s time for our next pitch. We need you guys. Did we tell you what your video made for us last time?”

This is the kind of story we love, not because it makes us look good––though we don’t mind that––but because it shows the power of a persuasive video. We work with a lot of smart minds with incredible ideas, and we’ve learned that communicating brilliance requires recognizing simplicity. Take complex ideas, find their core, and explain why it matters. 

[Sidenote: The curse of knowledge is real.]

And the relationships we build with our clients literally make better videos. We learn from each other. Subject matter experts ranging from block chain technology to birding, combining forces with communication experts. 

So how do you create animated explainer video and make millions?

And please. Next time you find yourself skipping from the White House, briefcase full of money in one hand, hard drive full of persuasive video content in the other, give us a call. 

We’d love to hear the story, even if we can’t share the details.