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Press: Next Day Animations Featured in the Minneapolis Star Tribune

We’re delighted to be featured in Monday’s Star Tribune’s business section! Neal St. Anthony did a wonderful write-up capturing what we’re up to and what makes us unique.

Here’s a few excerpts:

[Next Day Animations staff] also prove that success in the low-entry cost digital-communications business is more dependent on smarts, creativity and talent than a boatload of venture capital and a well-appointed office.

[…] The company has a nearly 100% satisfaction or “net promoter score” from clients.

Beny Collins, 27, a client adviser, said: “There’s a psychological safety here I haven’t had in other jobs. At no point am I feeling fear at work. I feel cared for, encouraged to share ideas without the fear of being ridiculed.”

Producer Jacqueline Nuzzo, 23, said: “I get a lot of benefits aside from pay, like work environment, flexibility, work-life balance. Right now, having a life is worth more than money to me. There’s also professional development here …”

And Sage Dahlen, 31, a former journalist and nonprofit publicist, said she was drawn to effective storytelling and realized, eventually, that she had become good at production management.

Next Day, whose legal name is Simplicity Works Benefit LLC, was recently certified as a Minnesota “benefit” or B Corp. It’s a “road map for us as a values-based business,” Rogers said.

You can read the article over here: