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What Style is Right For Your Explainer Video?

A title graphic reads 'How to Choose the Right Animation Style for Your Explainer Video"; two similar looking digital characters stand together, thinking depicted by question marks around their heads. One is a simple character in Whiteboard style, while the other is a more complex 2D animated character.

You’re excited to make an explainer video that does [insert cool persuasive thing here]

… but how do you choose what it should look like? 

When choosing a style for your explainer video, you’re up against some unique challenges:

  • You may not have brand standards for animation, so you’re basically writing the book.
  • Every colleague has an opinion… and they’re all different.
  • It’s difficult to visualize the final project when you haven’t even written the script yet.
  • You want to use this video for approximately a millennia, and you’re not sure what style will stand the test of time.

With over 10 years in the biz, we’ve seen video trends come and go. Read on for our thoughts on the specific benefits of each style.

We created this style sampler to help our potential clients get an idea of the many options available when making an explainer video.

Whiteboard Animation

With their friendly, classic style, whiteboard animations are great for communicating complex ideas quickly, making them ideal for training, mission-focused messaging, startups, and academic lectures. 

The simple visuals help reinforce key concepts. And it’s easy to inject a little humor. Check out the neuroscience of whiteboard animation for more details about why this style works so well.

2D Character and Motion Graphics

Ideal for marketing as well as internal communications, 2D animation offers some particular advantages.

2D, also known as vector animation, makes data come alive. It creates characters that can become icons. And it takes full advantage of the power of color.

Bandwave’s marketing video is one of our favorite examples of these principles in practice.

Live Action & Mixed Media

You’ve got something technical to share with the world. Maybe it’s the technology behind bringing dinosaurs back to life, but more likely it’s your plans for a fancy new toothbrush. 

Live action and mixed media using animation can bring a levity and clarity to your most complex topics.

With animation, your imagination is truly the only limit on what’s possible.

We’ve created highly engaging and effective blends of animation and live action videos –  like this one we made to advertise our own services.

Mixed Media can enrich your content with life and energy, giving viewers more to get excited about.

“This was one of the most pleasurable, cost-effective, and sustainable projects and investments I have been a part of.” -Jasmin Lucy, Chief HR Officer at the Arc of San Diego

Read more testimonials from our clients here, or, give us a call today with your remaining questions about style, pricing and process. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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