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10 Elements of an Effective Video Advertising Strategy

'10 Elements of an Effective Video Strategy' in black, bold font; accompanied by a playful graphic of a phone surrounded by multicolored video players

You know your Big Idea matters, and you’re excited to share it with as many people as possible. And you know you need to meet them where they are – namely, on the internet. That means video advertising. 

Effective video advertising requires solid strategy.  Whether you’re brand new to video-making, or make them on a regular basis, an effective video advertising strategy makes you a more efficient marketer.

Having a strategy helps your idea excel.  It means you’re not wasting resources creating content that’s not relevant to your audience, or sharing great content in places your audience will never see it. Strategy helps you focus.

So, what goes into an effective video advertising strategy? Here are some tips from our 11 years in the biz:

1. Consult your mission statement. Your advertising should align with your mission. Your company values, or the specific goals of a project or campaign, are a great filter for what matters and what doesn’t when it comes to advertising.

2. Define your target audience. Sure, your idea, product, service, or initiative may be “for everyone” but it helps to narrow that down just sliiiiiiightly if you want people to actually watch your video advertisement. Think about what’s important to them, what’s unique about them, and how your idea solves their problems.

3. Get clear on your Call to Action. Your CTA, as we call it in the biz, is the thing you want your audience to do after they watch your video. Sign a petition? Buy your product? VIsit your website? You can make the most interesting and cool video in the world, but if you don’t end with a call to action, people won’t take any.

4. Make a Branding Guideline. If you don’t have a whole graphic design department to put together a design guide, you can still put together a mood board of colors, fonts, or other visual inspiration. Think about the tone you want the video to have – playful? Dead serious? Heart-warming? Urgent? This information will be super helpful when it comes to partnering with a production company.

5. Think about animation style. Here at Next Day Animations, we know that 2D is a better fit for some companies, and Whiteboard is a better fit for others. Want to know what style is right for you? We have thoughts.

6. Set a budget. How much you’re willing to budget on your video will heavily influence your video advertising strategy.  Whether you’re thinking of doing a DIY animation or you’re evaluating the costs of hiring professionals, budget is an imperative consideration.

7. Set expectations. Is your team ready to commit to a production process? Working with an outside company can actually be easier than doing it yourself when you consider your time and how many other things are on your plate. But even with someone else managing the timeline, being clear about what you need to do when is key.

8. Decide how long you want to be able to use your video. Is this evergreen, or specific to a moment in time or a particular campaign?  

9. Consider distribution. Are you going to share your video on social media? Email signatures? Internally? Externally? All of these choices can affect your strategy.

10.Have fun! Seriously – having fun can be the most crucial part of your video advertising strategy.  Why?  Well, having fun makes for better videos. We promise.

These are ten things to consider as you hone your video advertising strategy – and if we were to add an eleventh, it would be “Don’t be afraid to ask for help.” Brainstorm with team members or give us a call to talk through your project.

Afterall, explainer videos can make an enormous difference in public policy, fundraising, you name it. Making sure that they reach the right audience at the right time is crucial.

Check out our Animations for Marketing playlist, featuring examples of great video advertisements.  Feeling inspired?  Get in touch with our wonderful client advisors today at 202-747-0404.