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How We Make Any Topic Compelling

The blog title in white on a blue background; beside it, a toothbrush dramatically on fire with the caption 'Dental Hygeine"

You love what you do… but you know not everyone is as passionate about it as you are.  You also know that getting your message across requires getting people at least a little bit excited about your topic.

We get it. And we’re in the business of getting other people excited about, well, whatever you want!

Extremely complex technical explanations of software or industrial mechanics? Yeah, we’ve made videos about that.

A cause or issue that’s pretty heavy but really important? We’ve covered those, too.

New HR policies? Check.

Need to rally support behind a nuanced legal or policy argument? We’ve got you covered.

No matter your topic, Next Day Animations is here to make it compelling. We specialize in videos that are clear, engaging, and persuasive. Don’t worry if your cousin fell asleep at the dinner table last time you tried to explain what you do for a living – we’re here to grab people’s attention, show them why what you do is amazing and important, and get them on board with your cause, product, process, or idea.

How do we do it? Through the power of visual storytelling. We find the molten emotional core of even the toughest issue, and shape that into a narrative that supports your topic. Then, we create custom animation that engages your target audience, and perfectly illustrates your core ideas. And together? These words and images create something even better than either one could do alone.

But don’t take our word for it – let Chicken and Knight walk you through Storytelling 101.

Ready to get people hyped about your big idea? Call us today!