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Announcing Our 2021 Animations to Change the World Grant Winners!

Some of the best causes have the smallest budgets. That’s why, each year, we award a grant to two nonprofit organizations making an impact. Read about our amazing grant recipients below…

From Project Commotion

Project Commotion is a community space where children, families and educators are invited to learn and grow together through movement, sensory experiences, and play.

Project Commotion offers programming that incorporates tumbling, music, play, dance, and martial arts as a means of fostering healthy development, self-awareness and self-expression. Class sizes are small to allow instructors the time and space to connect with every child and every family, and so that classes can be structured to meet the needs of participants. 

The Federation of Neighborhood Centers in Philadelphia, PA, is opening a Participatory Defense Hub. It’s a  free resource for anyone who has been arrested, or their family. By providing families the tools they need to ensure a fair trial and get a better outcome from the court system, Participatory Defense Hubs empower families and communities to become agents of change. By working on individual cases, communities are building a movement to hold the courts accountable, make systemic change, and ultimately end mass incarceration.

Our team is so excited to be partnering with these organizations who are doing transformative work in their communities. We can’t wait to see what we create together!

About the Grant:

Animations to Change the World is an annual grant program, which accepts applications every Spring. The application is open to all 501(c)(3)s. The selected recipients receive a 2-minute whiteboard animation at no cost, including messaging consultation, scripting, professional voiceover, and custom artwork. The grant was founded in 2017.