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Making an Explainer Video with Next Day Animations: Our Process

The title of the blog i (Making an Explainer Video with Next Day Animations: Our Process)s centered in white font on a turquoise background; the title is surrounded by sweet, animated depictions of our Next Day team completing the different steps of our process; an illustrator draws, a voiceover artist records, and producers manage projects

So, you’re making an explainer video. Great! You’re turning your Big Idea into an animated explainer because you know it will help as many people as possible get on board with your message! You even have some ideas for images, snappy taglines, and a solid call to action.

But…how do you write a script for a video that moves people to take action?

Custom art will make your video stand out, but how long does it take to animate your idea?

When do the steps of scripting, illustrating, voiceover and background music all come together?

What is time?!?!?


Whoa, there. You have all the right questions about making an explainer video. Let’s talk through some answers.

Here at Next Day Animations, our tried-and-true process (as in, been trying it for eleven years and it’s still truly working) helps wrangle any project into a tidy timeline so that you – and we – know what to expect and can even have fun along the way.

Each part of the production process deserves thought and care, from the initial kickoff, through scripting, illustrating, animating, and editing your video. But it doesn’t have to take over your life! Our team of Producers are professionals, and we can cover the process of making an explainer video in as little as 24 hours (we are Next Day Animations, after all!). 

That being said, our standard timeline is 4-5 weeks. But you’re here for the details: what really goes on when you make an explainer video with Next Day Animations?

We made – you guessed it – a short explainer animation to tell you all about it. Check it out below.

If infographics are more your style, feel free to download our Process PDF. And you can always reach our brilliant client advisors to talk process or get a free quote for bringing your Big Idea to life.