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Why Whiteboard Videos Improve Outreach, Teaching and Sales

Title graphic, reads 'Why Whiteboard Vides Improve Outreach, Teaching and Sales"; Chicken, the NDA mascot is flying in a rocketship being drawn by a hand on a whiteboard.

In our 12 years as an animation studio, we’ve created explainer videos for more purposes than you could imagine. We’ve designed animations for teachers, for product pitch decks, and even for PSAs or community events.

How can whiteboard video be effective for achieving so many unique goals?

Whiteboard videos are useful for outreach, teaching and sales because they improve audience retention. Animation is especially effective at creating a lasting impression on your viewers, which means that your content goes beyond catching their eye. It stays in their heart.

So why are whiteboard videos so compelling? Read on for our list of specific ways whiteboard videos improve outreach, teaching and sales:

This playlist features a small handful of the incredible, and unique, projects we’ve worked on over 12 years.

1) They harness the Neuroscience of Whiteboard Animations

Have you ever experienced the feeling of being unable to look away from certain videos, or feeling ‘glued’ to the screen?

This is neuroscience in action. Mirror Neurons fire when you watch someone else do something, and make you feel like you’re doing it yourself. 

Check out this explainer we made for the Neuroscience of Whiteboard Animations.

In applying this concept to whiteboard animations, scholars have theorized that when you watch someone drawing, your brain reacts as if you, yourself are drawing the image. 

Here’s where the brain candy comes in: our brains receive an extra dose of dopamine upon the completion of each image. This is because our brains are experiencing satisfaction as if we, ourselves, have completed an illustration. This could also account for the audience’s desire to continue watching, or the feeling of being glued to the screen.

The end result? Your audience is engaged right away, and stays engaged throughout the video.

2) They meet audiences where they are.

Some of the biggest benefits of whiteboard videos are customization and flexibility.

Videos can be enjoyed at any pace, for individual learners, or shared in larger settings to make space for social learners to interact.  Most of us relate to a mix of these styles and learn in many different ways. Video is the only medium that works in all of them.

Furthermore, video is easily shareable, which contributes greatly to improving outreach and sales. It’s far easier to get your video to rank first on Google than a website. Why? Because there’s less competition. Plus, it’s easy to tag keywords to help your ideal clients find you- instead of the other way around.

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. Why should audiences find your competitors videos instead of yours?

3) They get to the point…fast!

Speed is of the essence when you’re thinking about improving outreach, teaching and sales. The average audience attention span isn’t what it used to be.

Sure, you and your team took many meetings and careful care to iron out the thoughtful text for your mission, vision and values. Your graphic designer made the page extra shiny…

… but how many people are actually reading it? 

The videos in this playlist are all about showcasing an organization’s mission, vision and values.

A whiteboard video improves outreach by offering a low-commitment engagement with your message. Writing a script with our in-house team means they take the time to get to know you and your story. We look through all that incredible text together to dispel the most necessary information for a great, easily accessible explainer video. 

Make it easy. Make it fun. Keep it short.

4) They’re memorable.

You’re far more likely to learn and remember information from a whiteboard animation than text. Why? Because you are simultaneously seeing, hearing and reading.

By unifying visual and aural cues, video helps the brain make important connections between the information being offered and one’s own experiences and points of reference. 

Think about how a simple ‘ch-ching’ sound effect immediately brings to mind money and profits, or how the giant red X over a black-and-white ‘before montage’ indicates a problem worth solving. These are just two examples of the time-saving tricks that we employ when using video. These features allow us to share more hearty content from your story while still keeping the run time short enough to be worthy of your busy audience’s attention.

5) They have amazing ROI: Whiteboard videos get results

We’ve seen many case studies over the years of successful outreach & sales efforts with the use of video. Plus, the return on investment is superior compared to other mediums.

With one investment, you get something you can use over and over again. The only limit on where you can share an explainer is your imagination. 

Plus, whiteboard videos are also very inexpensive to update. Editing your animation to add in your refreshed logo or reflect that updated branding won’t require breaking the bank for a re-shoot or complete overhaul; this makes animation a reliable choice.

A recent true story from one of our clients: “I sent my video out to six prospective leads. All six became paying clients. I’ve never had that happen before.” Over half of our clients come to us from referrals. Why? Because their friends can testify: Whiteboard animations get results.

Let’s talk about how whiteboard video can be used to improve your next effort in outreach, teaching or sales.

Give us a call at 202-747-0404 to get a quote for your video, or schedule your consultation here.

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