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Explaining Your Mission with Animation: Move Audiences into Action!

Title graphic; a digitally drawn rocketship flies across the night sky; over the NDA logo a title reads 'Explaining Your Mission with Animation: Move Audiences into Action!"

When it comes to you explaining your mission, the stakes are high.

Feeling an authentic connection to your mission is what turns casual supporters into champions for your cause. Making your mission easy to understand and to locate on your website can make all the difference for the communities you serve, or could be the difference between a potential customer and a sale. 

You need to move audiences into action, because the work you do is important. But how exactly are you supposed to do that with clarity, accessibility, and on deadline?

We got you.

Check out this playlist of Animations for Your Mission, or see more examples below.

An animated explainer video can capture your passion, persuasiveness, and enthusiasm for all time, in a handy and flexible format.

Animation combines the power of auditory and visual cues to create a powerful, yet succinct, mission statement that you, your team, and your supporters will love. 

What’s more, we’re experts at explaining not just WHAT you do, but WHY it matters… so more folks can get excited to get involved.

Read on for 3 reasons why explaining your mission with animation is an excellent way to move audiences into action – along with examples of our favorite mission statement explainer videos.

Custom animation brings your community to center stage.

The first step in our tried-and-true process is always a personal kick-off call with the goal of understanding – with crystal clarity – who you are and who your target audience is.

Our communities are made up of many different kinds of people, and this is what makes them vibrant places to live, work, play, and raise families. That’s why no matter what topic we are explaining, we work with clients and develop representative characters that real world communities truly see themselves reflected in.

Plus, our staff are award-winning artists, who love a creative challenge.

When you create a video with us, a real human sits down, gets to know your project, and creates custom visuals to illustrate your story. No clip-art or stock images here!

This video summarizes the mission, as well as varied services, offered by Generations Ashe – all in under 90 seconds.

Professional scripting brings clarity to your call to action.

It can be hard to distill what you do down to a clear message. If you’re someone who is passionate about what you do, you know what it’s like to want to express what you do AND why it means so much.

With twelve years of experience centering clarity and brevity, our team is talented at distilling anything down to its essence and explaining it in one minute – really!

Our in-house script writers work closely with our clients, right from kick-off, to understand your work as deeply as possible. We’ve often had clients tell us that the process of collaborating on their explainer video script actually improved their own ability to express their mission. 

With the creation of an animation for your mission, you’ll be walking away with a useful resource and a deeper personal connection to the impact of your work.

Video is a swiss-army knife: flexible, shareable, and easy-to-update.

Being the leader of a mission-oriented organization means constant pressure. Pressure to be successful, and to raise money and deepen relationships with donors, clients, communities, partners – video can do all of that for you.

Don’t get us wrong, animation is no replacement for a heart-to-heart conversation. But even though you’re passionate about what you do, you can’t be everywhere at once, and you may be tired of doing the same roadshow all the time.

Leverage the power of animation, especially if your cause needs to move audiences to take action. It’s an investment that pays for itself in time, convenience, and return on investment.

The only limit to the creative ways you can share your explainer video is your imagination: we’ve seen clients attach mission statement videos to email signatures, distribute digital client newsletters,  or create full social media campaigns around their new video.

Ready to learn more?

We’ve got 12 years of experience making animated explainers for your mission – and we’re excited to put it to work activating audiences for you!

Click the button below to send a message to our friendly client advisors – they will be in touch soon!

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