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Louise Head

What is your title at Next Day Animations? Describe your work.

I am a Client Advisor. I answer questions about the process of creating animations and help clients to plan great animation projects for their organizations.

How long have you been at Next Day Animations?

About 1 month.

Have you ever met anyone famous?

I met Esther Perel a few years ago at a conference.

Cats or dogs.


Name three words that you describe you.

Friendly, Energetic, Bookworm

What’s your favorite song?

The song I’m listening (and dancing) to on repeat right now is Iguana by Inna

Favorite movie?

Most recently, the movie Booksmart. I thought it was hilarious and a cute story about friendship.

Describe your typical work day

I spend a lot of time speaking on the phone and corresponding with folks who are interested in learning more about how to make an animation for their organization. I enjoy the huge diversity of organizations I speak with. I have helped people plan video projects for non-profit fundraising, educational and community programs, legal and financial services, real estate, environmental groups, IOS/Android app launches, and much more! My favorite part of the job is hearing the unique story that each client wants to share with their audience.


We’re so glad to welcome Louise to our team!