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Plan B: Connecting During Coronavirus (Watch the Video)

By March 31, 2020April 16th, 2020Whiteboard Animation

How has the coronavirus outbreak changed the ways you work? If you’re like most groups, you’re navigating cancellations, closures, and disruptions to “business as usual.” These are strange times, indeed. No matter where you’re reading this from, one thing is certain:

These changes have forced us to get creative and intentional in how we connect. 

We’re now seeing online-only performance festivals, your favorite neighborhood bistro now has a drive-thru, and neighbors are checking on neighbors (from a safe distance) more than we were a few weeks ago. Book clubs, schools and churches have turned to video meetings – even dinner parties have gone virtual.

The internet has never been so critical for reaching out. It’s one of our only tools for sharing messages near and far. It’s also why it may just be the right time for your group to communicate through online video. 

Here’s the thing: The number of people interacting with online video is staggering right now. And people are craving interesting, engaging, high-quality content to watch and share.

If your team is adjusting to working remotely, explainer videos allow you to train or share important information from a distance. If you’re needing to connect with clients, students or stakeholders, it gives the perfect vehicle for clear communication.

Bonus points for providing a much-needed laugh! (Not sure if humor will work with your very serious topic? Check out our thoughts on humor here.)

Video is memorable, improves information retention, can be used across multiple marketing platforms (TV, email, social media), and besides all that it’s share-able. So people can link to it in the group chat, email thread, Slack channel, or social media app of their choice. 

The best part? Creating an explainer animation is a completely remote, Surgeon General-approved activity. We’ll work with you over the phone and internet to create a video from scratch. And you can do it all from your favorite couch.

It’s your opportunity to bring people together… while staying physically apart.

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