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Project Spotlight: Centre for Gender Advocacy

The Centre for Gender Advocacy works for the rights of LGBTQ individuals in Canada. While many think of Canada as LGBTQ-friendly, the truth is that there are no national standards for Trans rights — that means that it’s up to the individual provinces to make their own policy. Most of the provinces have passed policy that supports Trans rights, with a notable exception: Quebec. The Centre for Gender Advocacy wanted to broadcast this fact, to a) inform trans immigrants about the barriers they may face if they move to Quebec, and b) put pressure on the Quebecois government to change their laws.

We worked with CGA to create a video that would share this message. Using CGA’s extensive knowledge of the policy and its repercussions AND our expertise in whiteboarding, we created a powerful, persuasive script that utilized humor and surprise to get the message across.  This video tackles a single, specific policy issue, and does so with a lot of heart.

In creating this video, we developed a wonderful partnership with the Center for Gender Advocacy. From their sign-off email:

“With a swollen heart, full of love and gratefulness for the work that you did, I totally sign off on this version. 
We’ll also say in the description that this was done thanks to your amazing talents. Please please please share my thanks to all involved in the project. 
If you could also please relay my profound thanks to Jay for the work that they did on the voice?
Thanks again. This is exciting and will make a huge difference.”

Watch the Video: