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Top Three Tips to Convert Employees into Brand Ambassadors

By February 17, 2017March 15th, 2017Whiteboard Animation

Do you have employees or brand ambassadors?

It’s a matter of perspective – their perspective. Brand ambassadors know that they ARE the company. Their individual efforts help make or break the greater success of the team. Their words and actions represent the company.

Did you ever hear of the time President John F. Kennedy visited NASA and talked with a janitor?

When asked what he did at NASA, he replied to the president, “I’m helping put a man on the moon!”

That’s the brand ambassador mindset. So how do you inspire that kind of brand ownership with employees across your company?

It all comes down to internal communications.

The voice you use to connect with employees is critical to how they feel about their role and the brand. Let’s talk about how to best use video to build the brand ambassador mindset in your employees.

Three Tips for Converting Employees into Brand Ambassadors with Video:

1. Start With “What’s in it for them?”

Management or HR has different priorities from on-the-ground employees. Ignore this at your peril!

If you’re launching a new initiative, you’re going to have far better acceptance if you start off with framing your message in terms of what’s in it for your employees. How will this new initiative make their lives easier? How will it help them succeed?

Why should they even care? That’s where you want to start.

2. It’s Still About Emotions

Facts are fine, but emotions inspire. By digging out the emotional story of your information (the problem, the impact, the solution, the resulting impact), you’re able to connect with employees on a deeper level.


Fact: “Our call center accepts 34,750 calls/week but now we need to speed up our calls.”

Emotions: “We all know how frustrating it can be to feel stuck on a call that won’t end. Let’s talk strategies to help you solve problems efficiently, while still making the client’s day.”

See the difference?

3. Don’t Say It, Show It

Rather than telling employees how they should behave, demonstrations (of both good and bad behavior) can improve comprehension, engagement and memorability.

And there’s no better place for a touch of comedy. By humorously demonstrating what not to do, you’re able to entertain and educate simultaneously.

Explainer animation videos are a great way to connect with employees in training, onboarding or throughout their career. Ready to get started? At Next Day Animations, we’ll help you move from idea to final video… before you can say “intranet”!