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Project Spotlight: Physician Assistant Education Association Peer to Peer Online Mentoring

By July 14, 2016August 19th, 2016Whiteboard Animation, Nonprofit, Project Spotlight

The demand for healthcare workers is way up, and quality physician assistants are super important to our healthcare system. But how do physician assistants learn the best practices and get the right training?

With the help of the Physician Assistant Education Association, that’s how. PAEA is a national organization representing every accredited physician assistant educational program in the United States.

There are so many challenges that physician assistants are faced with on a daily basis, so PAEA came up with a peer to peer, online mentoring community that allows PA educators to connect, learn from one another, and find the best ways to teach the PA profession — a boon for any educator, right?

But, how does PAEA get their members to log in, get involved, and help create a robust network in which PA educators are communicating and helping one another?

A whiteboard animation video, of course. That way, PAEA can explain the benefits of the community in a fun, engaging way.

Here at Next Day Animations, we’re proud of our newest project spotlight: The PA educator’s peer-to-peer network from PAEA. Have a look: