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How Whiteboard Video Increases Conversions

A digital drawing of a woman holding a magnet; attracted to the magnet, happy business-clad stick figures fly through the air towards her. the title reads "How Whiteboard Video Increases Conversions'

Partnership runs deep at Next Day Animations. It’s even one of our core values.

In fact, our animators spend about half their time working on projects for repeat clients.


It’s no coincidence that a lot of our clients come back again and again: whiteboard videos get results.

What is a conversion?

Using a video increases sales and conversions – but how? Whiteboard videos seem simple on the surface, but it’s proven that animation helps to drive the action you want by building rapport with your audience, and moving them towards a clear call to action.

Whiteboard animations are versatile, accessible, and above all: fun. At Next Day Animations, we use a highly-tailored strategy to design whiteboard animations that convert.

A conversion happens when a user interacts with you in a specific way that you desire. For example, sales is a common conversion factor. In this case, a visitor to your website has converted once they make a purchase on your page.

It’s important to note: Conversions aren’t just for sales. Conversions can apply to any desired action.

For example, a nonprofit may track the percentage of users who go on to make a donation. Or, an organization hosting a conference may track the rate of users who register for their event. Or, a company might not track direct sales, but the number of people who fill out a form requesting more information.

This video tells a compelling story about an interesting career opportunity at the Arc of San Diego; then, features a clear call to action.

You want to use whiteboard video to drive a specific action. Let us explain you how whiteboard video increases conversions:

Whiteboard Video makes your message clear

We’ve witnessed plenty of animated video success stories during our 11 years as an animation studio: check out this whiteboard video designed to encourage fundraising for the Parkinson’s Unity Walk.

Clarity is another one of our core values, and there’s a good reason for that.

Animation is one of the clearest ways to present a message: you plan it carefully and design it to reflect exactly what you want.

After you’ve developed your perfect video, it’s smooth sailing. Use animation again and again, emulating the same fantastic pitch every time.

And not only is it convenient for you, it’s giving the people what they want! Hubspot reports in 2021 that “the rise of video as a marketing tool seems inexorable.” (Let’s inject some clarity: “inexorable” means “impossible to stop or prevent.”)  

Their data suggests that 90% of people report wanting to see video content from brands – especially since more people are spending time working remotely – which makes it the right choice if you’re looking to generate leads or awareness.

Whiteboard Video is social

Compared to a disembodied email, one-pager, or other written material, a video feels like it has a personality. When your goal is to move people into action, it’s important to help viewers see the ways they are heard and understood by your solution. 

Animations are a great way to get your point across with humor and warmth, but animated video is able to adopt whatever tone is right for your message.

Custom characters are designed to uniquely represent your people. Strategic scripting hooks viewers in, and brings them right to your desired call-to-action over the course of the whiteboard video. Plus, a voiceover artist – a human voice – allows your audience to build trust and an emotional connection with your business before they even pick up the phone.

We made a series of 4 videos with the National Council for Urban Indian Health; the videos featured characters inspired by real community members. Learn more about this project, and see the other 3 videos by clicking here.

Whiteboard Video is sucessful in the internet space

One of the most fruitful advantages of whiteboard video when it comes to conversions is it’s utility on the internet.

You probably already know that running ads is a great way to make sure your content is seen by the right people. Video content is well-known to outperform in the advertising space, and you can even run re-targeting ads that will show for folks who have visited your website.

And advertising isn’t the only place where video is useful: it is also a great addition to your website’s search engine optimization. Video boosts your SEO and makes it easier for you to rank higher in search engines because there is less competition.

If you’re interested in learning more about advertising with video, check out this fanastic guest blog written by our friends at Snowball Creations!

Plus, research shows that YouTube is the second most popular search engine behind Google – people are hungry for information in video form. Using whiteboard video can increase conversions by helping ideal clients find you, instead of the other way around.

So…are you ready to increase your conversions with video?

You’ll find a lot of services offering the ability to create compelling videos, because it’s proven to be a highly successful medium.

Here at Next Day, our ability to get to the heart of whatever it is you want to explain is what sets our videos apart. We pride ourselves on a dedicated process built around getting to know your message, so that we can bring your story to life.

Check out more about our process below, or schedule a call with our client advisors to get a quote for your video project.