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What We Care About

By August 5, 2016August 17th, 2019Whiteboard Animation, Next Day Animations

At Next Day Animations, we care about our relationships with our clients, and about telling great stories using whiteboard animations. But, we also care about so much more! So, we thought we’d take a timeout and show you what we care about.

Elisa Moab

Elisa, San Diego, CA

I have a passion for climbing and camping with my husband and 17-month-old toddler, a.k.a. the Tiny Tornado, who is definitely developing her own adventurous spirit.


Caitlin Winnie and Chi Chi

Caitlin, Minneapolis, MN

Here are Winnie (10) and ChiChi (3), my furry little hearts outside my body. They come to the office and enjoy making cameos in the background on conference calls.


Sage Gardenstitch

Sage, Minneapolis, MN

Lately I’ve been caring a lot for the plants in my garden. My friends have started to tease me about how closely I follow weather forecasts. This is just a little taste of what has been popping up this year.


Dayna kiddies 1

Dayna, Muskoka, Ontario, Canada

Here are my kids Zaphod and Vega. I’m in Muskoka, Ontario, Canada. I’m a homeschooling Momma of two, we live in a strawbale house that my husband and I built; we keep bees, grow food, tap trees for syrup, and partake in many other stereotypical hippie-like activities.

Kelly image

Kelly, Worcester, MA (pronounced Wuster!)

This picture is of me and my 2-year-old picking strawberries last month. I’m pretty passionate about ‘real’ food.


Ezra cameras

Ezra, Washougal, WA

I’m a big fan of shooting film, and am constantly weighed down with one or several of these vintage or novelty cameras.


Luke, Baltimore, MD

I love to spend time outside and with my family. Last fall I was lucky to be able to go visit my younger brother Ben who lives in Colorado. I flew out and helped him drive home to Maryland. Along the way we stopped to do some pretty cold backpacking and took this picture on top of a mountain. It was beautiful but the cold wind made sure we didn’t stay too long.

Jesse (2)

Jesse, Baltimore, MD

I like Dogs, the outdoors and boating. Can all these things really go together?


Hannah, Baltimore, MD

This is J.J., my spunky little tabby cat who I adore. Her favorite activities include hunting bugs, fitting herself into too-small cardboard boxes, and knocking things off of tables… you know, cat stuff. She also enjoys “going on walks” (this is code for rolling around on the sidewalk and meticulously sniffing plants).