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18 Awesome Ways to Use Your Animation

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You did it! Your Big Idea is now a shiny, new, persuasive, highly shareable explainer video.  

Now what?  We’ve already done the scriptwriting, animating and editing. Allow us to do some marketing strategery, too.

Here are 18 awesome ways to use your animation:  


❏ Use your animation to introduce yourself: send your video ahead of in-person meetings and presentations

❏ Include a link to your video within proposals

❏ Feature your animation on your product/service’s landing page: a dynamic video with a clear call to action can really stand out among the average text-filled website.

Social Media

❏ When posting your explainer animation on Instagram and Twitter, don’t forget to use hashtags to make sure relevant accounts see your animation!

❏ Pin your video to your brand’s Facebook page

❏ Make your animation the featured video on your YouTube or Vimeo channel

❏ Add your video to your brand’s LinkedIn page; have staff be sure to ‘share’!


❏ Have an exciting email launch of your video! Use this as an opportunity to check-in with your address book while simultaneously showing off your brand new animation.

Add a link to your video to your email signature

❏ Or better yet, to your entire organization’s email signatures!

Check out this playlist of videos used for fundraising.

We’ve created animations that have been used at galas, in sales pitch meetings, and as the centerpiece of digital fundraising campaigns.


❏ Embed your animation on your homepage; bring your website to life with an explainer video!

❏ Post your explainer video to your blog, and write an accompanying article about your message (this would be the perfect place to sneak in some of those extra details that got chopped during the editing rounds!)

❏ Add a linked icon within the footer of your website

The videos in this playlist were created to promote events.

Custom hand-drawn illustrations carry your voice while engaging scripting and voiceover draw audiences out with a clear call to action.


Run your video as a pre-roll ad on YouTube

❏ Run banner advertisements with a link to your video as a landing page

❏ Utilize promotion services on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to get more eyes on your animation



Kickoff events with your animation, or use them to make staff workshops and trainings great!

❏ Set up your animation to play on repeat in your booth at conferences or trade shows

These are just a few ideas to get you started. Do you have other ideas for sharing your explainer animation? Let us know!

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