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5 Key Benefits of Using a Whiteboard Animation

benefits of whiteboard animation

Why choose whiteboard animation over static ads or traditional film media? Let us count the ways…

1. Whiteboard animations are engaging.

Text or dry video interviews alone run the risk of becoming perilously… boring. That’s where whiteboard animation video can come in to spice up your content with shiny objects, surprises and stories that tug at your heartstrings.

Whether you’re creating marketing videos for pre-roll ads, or longer in–house learning materials, whiteboard animations are designed to capture, and keep, your audience’s attention from the first five seconds on.

(Or as we like to call it, “Tricking people into paying attention long enough to care”.)

2. They make you feel good (and take action). That’s just science… 

Ever heard of mirror neurons?

These are the neurons that fire when you watch someone else do something, but have the feeling that you’re doing it yourself. Italian scholars have theorized that when you watch a hand drawing that your brain reacts as if you, yourself, are drawing the image.

This may explain an extra dose of dopamine upon the completion of each image- our brains may be reacting as if we, ourselves, have completed an illustration. This adds to the audience’s desire to continue watching, or the feeling of being glued to the screen.

And the jolt of dopamine gives viewers increased drive to make a plan based on what they’re learning AND follow through with the call to action at the end of the video.

[More about neuroscience and whiteboard animations here.]

3. They’re more fun, warm, and charming.

Making digital marketing feel handmade (by your smart friend with a marker) is a huge part of our mission here at Next Day Animations.

It’s what makes our whiteboard animation videos feel so human. And what strengthens the audience’s bond with you and your message.

4. They’re different. They’re fresh.

Whiteboard animations just pop. That’s why every week we hear the phrase “I love these videos”.

Tell your friends about your whiteboard animation, and see them become interested.

Show them your whiteboard animation, and watch their eyes light up.

5. With animation, the sky’s NOT the limit.

You’re a dreamer. You’ve got big ideas for your marketing campaign, but don’t have the budget for that tracking shot of the satellite passing over North America. (Man, that shot would be so perfect for your ad!)

Well, at Next Day Animations, we’ve got your satellite, and your earth.

In fact, we can draw almost anything (serious topics included) in an engaging way. That means your marketing campaign is only limited to your imagination.

So tell us what you’re dreaming up. Maybe we can even dream it up together.

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