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Making Digital Marketing Feel Warm

a digital drawing; a robot smiles and makes a heart with his 'fingers'; title reads 'Making Digital Marketing Feel Warm"

What comes to mind when you hear the phrase digital marketing?

Just a wild guess: you didn’t think of daisies, butterflies, puppy dogs, or other warm fuzzies. Perhaps instead you think of spammy emails, annoying pop-ups, and video ads that disrupt your favorite TedTalk on Youtube.

It doesn’t have to be that way: digital marketing can be warm.

What does it mean to be warm anyways, and why does it matter? Warmth, as a personality trait, is defined as enthusiasm, affection, or kindness. All in all, people who are warm are people you want to be around. If you are able to capture warmth in your messaging, audiences start to see you as a helpful friend, and not just another marketer.

Making digital marketing feel warm is a huge part of our mission here at Next Day Animations. We know our clients have really important things to say and extremely helpful services to offer. We also know that the warmer/more relatable the message, the more likely the audience will engage, trust, and take action.

How do you inject warmth into something that can seem so chilly? Here are our ideas:

Check out this warm explainer video we created for KozyHeat.

Not selling fireplaces? Don’t worry, we have some less literal ideas about how to keep the tone of your marketing campaign warm.

Use the power of a human voice.

A great piece of marketing requires creative, professional actors who can emphasize your key points with warmth and openness. That’s why our studio prioritizes finding the perfect actor to bring your script to life.

We have an amazing team of voiceover artists who can capture a wide range of emotions and personalities. No matter what kind of narration you are going for, our producers partner with you to select a voiceover artist who expresses your message with authenticity.

In this explainer video, inventor and CEO Be describes the innovative Alinker product and philosophy.

Thoughtful character design builds the audiences’ capacity to see their own challenges reflected in the video; persusasive scripting that gets to the heart of their mission positions the Alinker as a clear solution.

With warm tones that emulate your target audiences’ perspective, viewers see themselves represented in your marketing, empowering a deeper connection with your product.


Build a Relationship

Perhaps the most important way to bring warmth into your marketing: see each member of your audience as a potential relationship, and use your marketing to build and strengthen that relationship. This means putting yourself in their shoes, thinking about the challenges they go through every day, and catering your messaging to the solutions you offer.

Your content shouldn’t be all about you; it should be all about your audience and how you can solve problems, together.

Illustrations to connect, charm

Animation in and of itself is a strong way to make digital marketing feel warm. Animation, as opposed to live action video, has an ability to delight and engage an audience’s imagination through illustrations. It is possible to think outside the box, and embrace tools like humor and creativity to help your message stand out among an oversaturated market.

Whether the illustrations are playful or dignified, funny or delicate, bold or gentle, they will help bring your message closer to your audience.

In this campaign created with the Florida Fish & Wildlife Foundation, a compelling coral reef makes a call-to-action around our oceans.

The flexibilty afforded by the medium of animation leaves room to infuse creativity, helping your message stand out.

Understand your brand

A consistent voice goes a long way with building trust with potential customers. If you haven’t already, take some time to brainstorm a handful of adjectives that describe your brand’s voice.

There is no right or wrong answer to this and it will be different for everyone. Once you have your words, keep those in mind whenever you are creating content for marketing. There are a lot of ways to be warm as long as you are keeping it real.

Another way to build your brand and audience familiarity is to create content that is cohesive across platforms. Here at Next Day Animations, we love creating Social Media Packages. The package is a “cherry on top” for presenting your video to the world. With more content connected to your video, your audience will see your message multiple times, which will make it stick and drive them to take action.

Click here to learn more about our Social Media Packages.

Got an idea for a marketing campaign? We’re here to support you in making it a warm & welcoming one.

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