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8 Reasons to Use Video in Your Content Marketing

Video marketing is everywhere. From TV commercials to digital billboards, video has become synonymous with good marketing. With the ever expanding landscape of the Internet, there are more opportunities than ever to create video content that builds your brand and spreads your message.

Perhaps your organization is among the 85% who are already using video in your marketing, and you are wondering how to expand or improve your video content. Or maybe you haven’t yet delved into the world of video marketing and want to learn what all the fuss is about.

Either way, you want to know: Why Use Video?

1. Video helps with SEO and Organic search

The presence of video alone signals to search engines that you are producing quality content, which in turn improves how well your website ranks and how likely it is to be found organically. Additionally, things like keywords, labels, and transcripts allow your video to carry more data than just the video itself, which helps it show up in the right search results.

2. Video is accessible across platforms and to all different kinds of people

Video is versatile. It can be optimized for social scrolling, email, television, or digital ad-space. And by making use of visuals, voiceover, and subtitles, you can reach all different kinds of people in different environments.

3. Video improves retention

We know that video aids help people learn. So if you are in the business of training your team or educating the public, video is a powerful tool that can supplement your modules or even replace your written materials.

4. People remember video

Not only do people remember the content, they also remember the experience. Video is more likely to leave a lasting impression on a viewer than text or a still image. That means they are more likely to recall your video later and take action.

5. Video has a competitive edge over photos or text

Marketing is all about winning over competitors by owning the market. One way to give yourself a competitive edge is to use video or motion graphics. They are more attention-grabbing and impression-leaving than other types of media. And – they make your organization appear professional and personable.

6. Videos can be bite-sized

We’ve always subscribed to the less is more mentality when it comes to video, because it’s a medium which really packs a punch. A typical explainer video runs about 90 seconds; however, social media videos and animation GIFs can just be a few seconds long. Sometimes these fun-sized videos are all you need to make a big impact: whether as animated icons on your website, embedded GIFs in emails, or attention-grabbing social media videos.

7. Videos drive action

It’s so easy to incorporate action into your video. A strong call-to-action is key, and often the foundation of a successful video. You can also incorporate links into your video advertisements to make action as easy as possible for your viewers.

8. Videos are the best way to explain and persuade

Videos have the keen ability to break down information in a way that’s easy to understand. They can package information such that viewers come away with a new perspective. And that new understanding often motivates people to act.

As new markets and applications for video marketing emerge, there will be more and more ways to leverage video to achieve your unique goals and build your brand. There’s a big difference between promoted Instagram stories and Super Bowl commercials, and there’s a video content strategy out there for every budget and organization. It’s all about figuring out your goals, your audience, and where video fits in.

Ready to find your strategy? Let’s talk.