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18 Awesome Ways To Use Your Explainer Animation

By May 27, 2016October 6th, 2016Whiteboard Animation
ways to use explainer animation

Congratulations on your animation! We want you to get the most out of your investment. Now that it’s complete, you might want to consider this checklist of ideas for getting your animation in front of as many eyes as possible:

Social Media:

❏ Tweet a link to your video on Twitter
❏ Post your video to your brand’s Facebook page
❏ Upload your video to your brand’s YouTube or Vimeo channel
❏ Add your video to your personal and/or brand’s LinkedIn pages
❏ Encourage your staff to share the video on their social media platforms


❏ Embed your video on your homepage
❏ Post your video to your blog
❏ Add a linked icon within the footer of your website


❏ Send your video out to your email listserve
Add a link to your video to your email signature
❏ Or better yet, to your entire organization’s email signatures


Run your video as a pre-roll ad on YouTube
❏ Run banner advertisements with a link to your video as a landing page


Kickoff events with your animation
❏ Set up your animation to play on repeat in your booth at conferences or trade shows


❏ Include a link to your video within proposals
❏ Send your video ahead of in-person meetings and presentations
❏ Put your video on your product/service’s landing page

These are just a few ideas to get you started. Do you have other ideas for sharing your explainer animation? Let us know!

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