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Animations that Will Make You Go Green

a digital drawing of a hand holding up a pile of soil; from it grows an oak tree. title graphic reads 'Animations that Will Make You Go Green!" in white lettering on a green background

In our 12+ years creating persuasive explainer animations, we’ve worked with many organizations doing the important work to protect our planet. 

Why do so many organizations turn to animation to share their message?

Explainer videos are proven to be an effective way to move people into action by leveraging neuroscientific principles of memory and learning.

Explainer videos are proven to accomplish big impact, fast.

Visuals and narration work together to paint a fuller picture than just one or the other could do alone.

Plus, empowers you to do a lot with a little – you can send it all over the world, without ever leaving your couch, garnering supporters in all corners of the globe.

Our studio even has the capability to create entire projects on rush timelines, to help our clients take advantage of  windows of opportunity to impact the greater narrative, like important votes or announcements for legislative action!

Let’s celebrate the work of these incredible climate activists – and St. Patrick’s Day! – by‘ going green’.

Enjoy 4 of our best explainer videos for sustainability.

The Nature Conservancy

Bernheim Forests

Fresh Energy


Green with envy?

No need – we can make you your very own video! 

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