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5 Explainer Videos That Every Nonprofit Could Use

By March 28, 2023April 3rd, 2023Nonprofit
Title graphic: reads "5 Explainer Videos Every Nonprofit Could Use' in white letters on an orange background featuring the NDA logos. A still from the United Way video features two digitally drawn puppies standing together in an apartment, happily.

You work for a nonprofit: you know that one moment of connection can spark a longstanding commitment to change.

So, how can nonprofits use video to spark those ‘aha!’ moments in more people, more often?

The role of the explainer video, of course, is… to explain things. But that’s not all they do. These magical little packages also persuade, engage, delight, convince, encourage, connect, and create those crucial “aha!” moments that are necessary to move people into action.

We’ve seen hundreds of nonprofits successfully use animation to explain their mission, transform the way people understand things, and drive meaningful action.

Each year, we award two nonprofits with a free explainer video as part of our own commitment to change.

See for yourself: Here are the five explainer videos that every nonprofit organization could use.

The Fundraising Video:

Raising money is one of the biggest challenges of business operations…but it can also be one of the most rewarding.

The best fundraisers are those that speak to your audience’s heart, securing more than their financial investment. And video is the perfect tool for making the big impression that moves your audience towards a longstanding commitment to your mission.

Animation can help audiences understand their power: this video, created with Loves & Fishes, spells out exactly what contributions to their program provides to the community, encouraging viewers to join in the cause with financial contributions.

The Nonprofit Outreach Video:

Video empowers you to do a lot with a little – you can send it all over the world, without ever leaving your couch, garnering supporters in all corners of the globe.

This video inspires change with the main message delivered by a familiar face, United Way’s mental health mascot Gizmo. In just 30 seconds, Gizmo illustrates to audiences how the mental health pledge can make a change in their lives, and how to begin today.

We created this 2D Animation with United Way to encourage youth audiences to take a pledge to create a mental health action plan.

Nonprofit Recruitment Video:

Rely on volunteers? An explainer video can break down the role, set expectations, and even show potential volunteers what’s in it for them.

Check out this video created for the Eddy House, which outlines a handful of volunteer opportunities for community members to help end youth homelessness in Nevada.

Nonprofit Training Video

And once you have those volunteers… or new staff people… you need to train them. Video-based Learning is a huge trend in workplace training right now, and that’s because it works.

Videos are digestible, easy to follow, and memorable. Training new recruits on procedures, expectations, and everything they need to know to do the job well and represent your organization, is easy with explainer videos.

Political Action Video for Nonprofits

Whether it’s asking people to sign a petition, inviting them to put solar panels on their house, or moving someone to find a clean energy provider, video can shift audiences towards the positive action you want them to take.

Plus, you can create one quickly to meet the moment, or create multiple versions with different asks.

Explainer videos combine the power of audio and visual cues to accomplish more at once: after framing the issue, bring in your call to action and help audiences understand how they can make a real impact. Let video be the super effective new tool in your tool box that converts people’s passion into action.

These videos are just a few examples of how video can transform your audience into changemakers.

What are you waiting for? Call us today and let’s get you one step closer to enacting the changes you want to see.


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