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Why Video Marketing Works – and How to Do it Fast

Title on a salmon background accompanied by an animated laptop

Unexpected events sometimes cause an urgent need for important messaging.

Maybe you need every employee at your company to understand an updated sick leave policy beginning in the new year. Problem is, it’s the last week of December.

When you find yourself searching for a time machine, try searching for Next Day Animations instead. We can create an engaging video to clearly express and share your message – as quickly as you need it! 

In fact, not only can we create engaging explainer videos in under 24 hours, our studio is made up of remarkably nice producers, scriptwriters, animators, and voiceover artists so the process will be as low on stress as it can be.

The best part is that we truly how to tell a story in a way that sticks. Animation is an especially effective choice for things like video marketing, training videos, and e-learning because of a phenomenon known as ‘Viewer Anticipation’.


a group of animated people follow a moving soccer ball with their eyes

‘Viewer Anticipation’ is a phenomenon explained by our brains’ sensitivity to movement. Movement grabs our attention in a unique way, because our brain is highly motivated to act in anticipation of what is coming next. This is why animation is so effective for viewer retention.

And if an explainer explaining the science of explainers isn’t enough to sell you, we can tell you first hand that we’ve witnessed plenty of success stories during our 11 years creating excellent video content.

Check out this explainer animation we created with AARP of Pennsylvania during the 2020 election:

During the vote-by-mail period, AARP realized that their audience and community may be at a particular risk for misunderstanding the detailed instructions of the process. They needed a way to cut through the noise of a global pandemic and a dramatic election: and they needed to do it quickly.

This minute-long explainer animation clarified the process of voting by mail, while still being entertaining and easy to understand. 

On top of all of that, we collaborated with AARP to get this done in less than a week – 5 days to be exact – and we’re talking about everything from full scripting, illustration drafts and feedback rounds, voiceover and background music.

When you choose Next Day Animations for a rush animation project, you’re guaranteed that quality won’t be sacrificed in the quick turnaround. Our product and process is 100% guaranteed. We’ve even recently won an award for best video production in the world in 2021-2022 according to DesignRush.

Need to make training fun? Try an animated training video. What about moving an audience into action around an important issue, or clarifying a point about your business or product? Explainer videos are perfect for marketing your product in a snappy, interesting way.

Whether you need something next week, or something that can be easily updated and taken with your brand into the next century – an explainer video by Next Day Animations is what you’re looking for. Call us today for a free quote.