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How a Social Media Package Drives Action

By May 7, 2021December 5th, 2023Whiteboard Animation

You’ve created an amazing animated explainer video. Now, you’re planning to bring your message to the world.

When you make a video with us, it’s part of our process to support you in sharing the video on a variety of platforms and websites.

But there are steps you can take to further maximize the impact of your message. One we’ve seen work again and again is our Social Media Package.

What is the social media package?

The social media package uses imagery from your video to create a set of graphics formatted for use on a variety of social media platforms (think Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)

Having a unified brand look is Marketing 101, and our expert animators are happy to put the characters from your video project to work in other formats that could be a part of your next branded campaign.

Typically, the social media package consists of five graphics and three GIFs, although we’re happy to discuss your specific needs to create a package that works for your target audience.

A schematic showing a video being turned into a Social Media Package; shows an example video at the top with arrows pointing towards a set of non-moving graphics, and a set of active GIFs.

How do I use the social media package to drive action?

The most common use of the graphics is to brighten up social media feeds and funnel viewers towards your call-to-action. Use the graphics at once to create a storm of awareness, or strategize with your team to create a long-lasting campaign over a series of weeks or even months.

We’ve also supported clients in the creation of graphics for advertising, web sliders, email signatures, and even billboards! 

Leverage the SMP for marketing your message in whatever places where your content isn’t getting enough attention. Eye-catching movement paired with custom branding is a surefire way to stand out among the noise. With short attention spans a common denominator among audiences, short, memorable clips are a bonus.

How do I get started?

If this sounds like excellent value for your next awareness campaign, we’d be thrilled to help you bring your big idea to life.

The social media package is a “cherry on top” for presenting your video to the world. Contact our friendly customer advisors today to start planning on your project with us.

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