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5 things you didn’t know we could make

You’re probably here because you’re interested in how animated explainer videos can turbo boost your marketing strategy, internal communications, or sales efforts. But there are even more ways that Next Day Animations can support your company’s goals and brand expression! Here are five things we bet you didn’t even know we could illustrate, animate, and create!


  1. Animated logos 

Your logo represents your organization, so maybe you’re not ready to totally overhaul the design, but you want to make your brand assets work harder… enter the animated [or illustrated] logo. We can use your brand colors, existing logo, and aesthetic to create a dynamic and eye-catching logo for videos, websites, social media, or any other use you can dream up.

  1. Email signatures

If your work day is anything like ours, you spend a lot of time emailing people. Make those emails more memorable with custom email signatures that feature your company’s logo, stills from an animated explainer video, your favorite branded gifs, or even your illustrated headshot! (See no. 3)

  1. Headshots

If you have a photo, we can draw it. Our super talented team of illustrators can capture your Leadership team, your esteemed panel of experts, keynote speakers, or anyone else you can think of. Perfect for when you want to spice up your business cards, event website, or company swag.

  1. Ads

Illustration works for out-of-home and online ads. Using your brand colors and voice, we can use illustration and graphic design to catch the eye of bus riders, pedestrians, social media scrollers, video watchers, and random strangers who might want to hear your message.

  1. Infographics

Got some compelling and persuasive data that’s trapped in a 76-page PowerPoint deck? We can help you get it out into the world using information graphics, also known as infographics. We can make data interesting to look at and easy to understand using the power of colors and shapes. 

Example Client Infographic

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