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How Explainer Videos Have Changed in the Last 10 Years

Our company has been around long enough to see the changes in our industry. (Did we mention we’ve been around for 10 years? No? Well…we have!)

The Explainer Video (2011-2014)

Of course the “explainer video” has been around for a while, like this one from the 1950’s. (Can you imagine the attention spans they must have had? 10 minutes?!) But our modern concept of the “explainer video”, quick videos consisting of voiceover matching up with visuals on screen, is a fairly modern concept, coming several years after the launch of Youtube.


Anatomy of a Computer Virus


The ABC of Architects


Changing to Meet Mobile Needs (2015-2017)

As phones transform from “cellular devices” to pocket supercomputers, the abundance of shared content explodes. This point in time also creates a shift in the speed and quality of video content. Viewers expect more, faster paced videos that can hold their attention. The rise of Youtube fame creates a generation of “content creators” and accessible videos, made quickly.


The Wisdom of Pessimism


Next Day Animations for Piedmont Park Conservancy


How to Design A Particle Accelerator


Strange Dimensions… (2018-2021)

The rise of Instagram and video sharing apps leads to new shapes and sizes of video. Video transforms into squares and squished, longer rectangles. By 2018, at least 62% of video content is viewed on mobile devices. (© Statista 2021)

Enter 2020 and the realities of living in a new and changed world.Video shifts from polished “content” to authentic, real, and sometimes weird. This includes alterations in the visual look of explainer animations. Video starts to incorporate off-the-wall colors, fonts and textures. 2D, whiteboard and 3D are all in play, and advanced technology makes 4K video the standard, even on teeny tiny screens. 


NPR Invisibilia – Alien Hand


Next Day Animations: COVID-19 PSA


Taika Waititi: mini stories


Next Day Animations for SEE International


Nate Robinson: The Crossover

Nate Robinson: The Crossover (Squarespace) from Passion Paris on Vimeo.


Next Day Animations for Institute of Music for Children

We’ve come a long way, and so have our expectations about what makes a video engaging and exciting. But some things remain constant. Compelling storytelling and visual elements remain the building blocks of an amazing explainer video. And, our trusted production process can make it happen every time.

If you need help telling your story and transforming it into a video that will exceed expectations, call us today!