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Three Ways the Finance Industry Can Use Explainer Videos

We know we don’t need to tell you this, but the Finance industry has undergone huge changes since the Global Financial Crisis of 2008-2010, and COVID-19 has accelerated those changes even more. Many banks, lenders, and other financial service providers were already moving online, and whether you still have brick-and-mortar locations, or exist solely on the internet, chances are you’ve probably had to roll out some technology or operational changes sooner than you anticipated. 

So, how can an explainer video support your innovation?

  • Showcase Your Digital Offerings – As banking continues to move online, you need a way to provide customer service to people no matter where they are. How do you do this when customers can’t just walk into your bank, or meet with you in person? An explainer video provides consistent messaging to everyone. Whether it’s answering your most Frequently Asked Questions, sharing an overview of who you are, or talking about a new service, an explainer video can keep your clients up to date in a memorable, shareable way.


  • Explain Complex Products – Finance and banking can be confusing to those not in the industry, but we all need to use these services. Which means we need to understand them. An explainer can de-mystify your products or services and get people on board with signing up.


  • Manage Change Internally – every industry is in flux right now, but with the economy’s dips and the stock market’s volatility, banking and finance especially are experiencing turbulence. Whether you’re sharing strategic goals, rolling out process changes, giving regulatory updates, or celebrating successes, video keeps your whole team on the same page.


Our videos have explained everything from interest rates to mortgage applications. We’ve covered due diligence processes for international aid and small business loans for daycare providers. If you’d like to talk to animation experts about how video can help you, give us a call.

If there’s one thing that’s proved reliable throughout a pandemic, economic depression, and election year, it’s the power of video…. and memes about Zoom…. which might actually further prove the power of video.