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How Our Values Shape our Workplace Culture

By February 15, 2022July 11th, 2022Next Day Animations
a GIF featuring the blog title, beneath which four icons representing inventiveness, clarity, authenticity, and partnership slide in from bottom

Next Day Animations is our name for a reason…but our job is so much more than making great explainer animations, fast. 

The way we make animated explainer videos is dictated by our process. We’ve iterated and refined our production process so that the experience of making a video with us is as painless as possible for everyone involved. 

But process doesn’t necessarily cover all that other stuff that really makes us…well, us. You know, being kind and enjoying what we do. Making sure that partnering with us is fun and simple. That stuff all falls under the category “workplace culture.” 

You have probably heard this term tossed around a lot – especially in jargon-y phrases like “culture eats strategy” and “inclusive culture” and “culture could cure the climate crisis” (…okay, we made that last one up.) But beyond all that, what is the thing that defines workplace culture? 

For us, it’s our company values:

Two people work together to water a tree in a cityscapePARTNERSHIP:  Our commitment to mutual growth means that the success of our clients and success of our team members are one in the same with the success of our business. Building strong relationships with people and organizations we truly believe in is important to us.

The very nature of our process is collaborative and features many built-in pitstops for feedback and reflection. We know our clients are experts at what they do, and we’re experts at creating compelling explainer videos that make their message sing. Together, we make magic happen.

Our commitment to partnership also drew us to becoming a Certified B corp and a Great Place to Work. Maintaining these certifications provide an opportunity to tangibly track our impact beyond the traditional measures of business success, and consider things like how we partner with each other internally, and with the planet. By staying accountable to impact areas including environment, community, and governance, we keep our standards for partnership high.



An inventor ponders her machine, inside a buildingINVENTIVENESS: As creative problem solvers, we enjoy trying new ideas while crafting solutions that are effective, smart and fun. We know we talk about our tried and true production process a lot – because it works! – but we’re always down to try something new if we think it makes more sense than what we’re doing. That includes making videos in new styles, trying a process or communication style that works better for our clients, or taking on projects that are unlike anything we’ve ever done before.

We also believe there are better ways to run a business than the traditional approach (see above re: being a B Corp. We recently got our SHEruns mark because more than half the people in Leadership positions at Next Day Animations are women and nonbinary people. We’re proud to join other companies that recognize gender diversity as the future of business.


A hot air baloon sails above a mountainscapeCLARITY:

We practice simplicity in both the way we work and the work we produce. Our niche is at the intersection of ease and excellence.

Beautiful, isn’t it?



A stick figure summits a mountainAUTHENTICITY: If you’ve ever been on a kickoff call with us you may have met our kid, our puppy, or seen our home improvement projects in the background. But even before Covid forced us all to work from home, you might have caught us asking basic questions to make sure we understand, admitting when something is not making sense to us, or – this has really happened – crying because we’re so moved by the work you do. 

We practice being truly genuine in our communication, while finding the story and telling it with heart. We hope our ability to show up authentically helps our clients show up that way, too. And we know that when we can show up authentically, it makes the work more authentic, which makes it resonate with audiences and be more effective and successful.


Those are just four examples of core values, and how they shape our workplace culture. We know there are as many ways to run a business as there are businesses. What are your core values? What are some core values that you’d like to see in your workplace?