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Great Training Videos: How Animation Makes Learning at Work Fun

Title image on a turquoise background; reads "Great Training Videos: How Animations Makes Learning at Work Fun' in white lettering. The title is poised above a clip from a compliance training whiteboard video.

Learning in the modern workplace has never been easy, and the current moment is no exception to the rule. Your employees (and you!) have more on your mind than ever before, and navigating measures to keep each other safe is a constantly evolving challenge. How do you make learning at work fun?

Enter: Animation. Think of animated training videos as ‘edutainment’. Great training videos engage employees and bring your content to life, using a medium that is both flexible and stylistically versatile. Not only do animations make great training videos, scientists are even discovering that animations are highly effective for retention.

If you are planning a training for your organization, animation may be the perfect choice. Here are some of the ways animation makes learning at work fun:

Animation shares your message concisely. 

Keeping the attention span of your audience is one of the evergreen challenges associated with learning at work. Animations enable you to keep it short and sweet. Using visual aids are impactful for introducing a new concept, teaching a new skill, or demonstrating a key point. Clear and concise video allows your message to ring true, while making sure your audience doesn’t get away from you.

Animations lighten the mood.

Animations bring a fresh and fun vibe to your workplace training. Whether it’s an enthusiastic workshop sharing your organization’s mission, or something that typically lacks a little less ‘huzzah’ – yes, that safety training needs to happen every year! – we’ve got you covered with a training video that is dynamic, entertaining, and increases focus on the matter at hand.  In fact, it’s a point of pride that our animations can make any topic compelling.

Animation makes it visual.

These days, when it comes to sharing information, visual is the way to go. The simple yet compelling graphics of an explainer video are sure to keep an audience’s eyes, and brains, focused on your message. We’ve been known to get really creative with the ways you can build your lesson around animation, leveraging smart timing to create moments for audience interaction, or even building full sets of training modules with animated video.  

Animations make your message stick.

Want your training to stick with your audience past lunch-time? An animation in your training will ensure your employees know what you need them to know, and that it stays that way.  Video-based learning leads to stronger mental connections and long-term retention by engaging multiple senses simultaneously.  

You can share animations across platforms and across cultures.

Do you have a message that needs to reach your company of thousands? Or maybe your training needs to be accessible in a variety of languages and formats.  An animation is highly shareable and accessible to all. Animated training videos can easily be embedded in an email, on a website, in your Learning Management System (LMS), or in a presentation. And customizing your accessibility features is no sweat – our studio is highly experienced with subtitles, translations and anything else you might need. Ask us about our discount on a series of multiple videos!

Our bottom line is simple: if you want to make learning at work fun, try animated training videos. Great retention, clear messaging, and complete customization are just a few of the awesome side effects.

We’d love to show you a few examples of effective training videos created by us here at Next Day Animations. A big part of what makes our videos effective for training is our dedication to fully customizing the scripts, graphics, music, characters, and colors to suit the branding of your company’s internal messaging. Unfortunately – or fortunately, rather, if you’re our client! – this means that we usually keep videos like these private in order to protect your secret recipes for success.

Why not give us a call instead, and talk through your idea for a great training video with one of our knowledgeable client advisors?  Reach us at 202-747-0404.