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Internal Communication: How to Make People Care

By November 6, 2015November 2nd, 2016Whiteboard Animation, Nonprofit, Video-Based Learning

So you’ve got a message to share with your organization. Whether it’s a change in protocol, a training for new employees, or introducing a new initiative, it’s essential that your employees/volunteers/staff listen and retain. Even better is when you create organizational buy-in — meaning that your audience actually speaker internal communication whiteboard video supports your message. How do you elevate your internal communication message from one that people hear to one that they really care about?

Animations are excellent ways to communicate a message wide and far in your workplace or organization. Here are some tips for making sure your internal communication is not only heard, but that it is truly taken to heart.

Make it stand out

Your employees are inundated by media all day every day. You need to find a way for your message to shine brighter than the rest and make it’s way to the center of your audience’s attention. Once it’s there, your on your way to creating buy-in and making an impact. 

Tell the emotional story

Your audience is full of human beings who have emotional experiences every day. Use this fact to help your message speak to them at a deeper level. Whether you are evoking concern, enthusiasm, determination or anything else, telling the emotional story of your message will help it connect with your employees. And don’t shy away from humor — if you can make them laugh, they’re probably going to like what you have to say.

Know your values, and speak to them

People respond best when they feel they are being communicated to with authenticity and heart. Don’t be afraid to let your organization’s values shine in your message. Your employees will be inspired by the clarity and reminded why they are there in the first place.

thumbs up internal communication whiteboard animation video Get to the point

Your audience is busy; brevity is crucial. Getting to the point quickly and clearly will ensure your message shines brightly. Plus, short memos tell your staff that you value their time, which they will appreciate. An animated video is one of the best ways to say what you need to say, fast!

Communicating in a workplace doesn’t need to be painful. Using new media like animations can help spread the word in a memorable, meaningful way. With an animation, not only will your employees hear you loud and clear, they will proudly get behind your message.


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