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The Secret to Making Content… Rather Than Another Ad!

By October 23, 2015October 25th, 2021Whiteboard Animation, Marketing

Our clients need videos that inspire, educate or persuade their audience to take a specific action. And I would like to present a sample script that…isn’t going to get you there:


“Here at _____, we’ve been ____-ing for ___ years. We can ___, ____ and ____. Our ____-ers are the best ____ in the ____-ing industry!”


old_tvAre you still with me? I’m sorry to have subjected you to such boring sample sentences, but it was to prove a point: Almost anyone could fill in that sample script with their own information. Would it be accurate? Sure. Would it be meaningful? Maybe to the business, but NOT to the audience.

There’s a subtle shift that needs to happen. It’s not that the content is wrong, it’s just being delivered on the wrong platter. We need to be communicating expertise and trustworthiness through showing rather than telling.

Why? Because it’s more meaningful, persuasive and is going to keep your audience watching for far longer.

So rather than being about you, how can you make your video about your area of expertise?

The idea is to create something that your target audience would actually seek out, and once they’ve found it, enjoy it enough to share it… because it makes them look smart, too!

In order to make content-driven marketing for your audience, we first need to get into their heads:

  • Who are they?
  • What do they care about?
  • What are their fears and pain points?
  • What questions do they frequently ask you about your services or area of expertise?

meal_01And from there, we write a script (ideally, collaboratively with you and our team) that is driven by useful information.

You still get to be the expert and you still have your branding within your video. But it’s less about hitting someone over the head with your brand as it is giving them a grilled cheese sandwich with your logo conveniently toasted into the crust.

And the next time they eat a grilled cheese, guess who they’ll be thinking about?

So how can we make content that will leave your audience hungry for more? Give us a call at 202-474-0404 to start cooking your videos today.

Caitlin Rogers is the Productions Director at Next Day Animations. She’s still thinking about a pesto grilled cheese she had at Lucia’s-To-Go two days ago. 

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