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Introducing our Video Marketing Guide

Signing on for an animated explainer video is a big commitment. Our team of animation and storytelling experts have been working hard to answer YOUR most frequently asked questions about the process, because we want you to feel comfortable and excited about turning your Big Idea into an amazing explainer animation.

So we’re pretty psyched to introduce – drumroll please – our COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE TO VIDEO MARKETING! Ta-da!

Not sure if you’re ready to make a video? We can help. 

Wondering how long or short it should be? We’ve got thoughts on that, too. 

Not sure what illustration and animation styles are available to you, or how they’re different? We’ve got you covered. 

Questions about what to do with your cool video after it’s completed? Boy, do we love to talk Marketing Strategy.

Wanna know how the video sausage gets made? We’re happy to spill the beans. Er, the digital ground meat. That metaphor got away from us but you know what we mean.

After ten years in the biz, we’ve learned a lot about making persuasive, compelling, shareable video content. We’re happy to share what we know, because we’ve also learned that generosity pays greater dividends than secrecy and selfishness. One of our core values is Partnership, so in the spirit of collaboration and being on the same team, we’re thrilled to share this comprehensive guide to all things video marketing. Enjoy!