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Keep it moving! Why Momentum Matters for Your Animation Project

We’re not physicists, but here at Next Day Animations we know a little something about inertia. A project that’s in motion tends to stay in motion, and a project at rest tends to stay at rest. That’s why we like to follow The Law of Keepin’ It Moving.

Good ideas need time to gel, but when left alone too long, they can petrify. So you need to keep that idea moving! 

When was the last time you made a smart decision after thinking about something over night? Probably pretty recently, right? Sleeping on a problem almost always helps.

OK, when was the last time you made a smart decision after thinking about something for two weeks? Can you even remember what the problem was after two weeks? What was the point that Gino brought up in the meeting again? And where is that email where Jessica sent all of her notes? This is Project Inertia.

Project Inertia means you have to find all the different email threads, the page of notes you took in that other notebook, the most updated document draft, and piece it all together again before you can move it forward. And in the meantime, a dozen other projects that need your attention have landed on your desk. You’re fighting against time, and you’re losing.

Project Momentum is when you collect all the feedback right away, apply it while it’s still fresh in your mind, and send that project into its next step before it gets bogged down. It feels good to work this way – you get a little boost of energy, and the project gets that energy boost too. This is why speed is of the essence.

We’ve been making explainer videos for 10 years – and we work fast, so that’s a lot of videos! – and we see again and again how an inefficient approval process, an unclear timeline, and the weight of workloads impede the natural momentum of a great video. Here are the top strategies we’ve learned for keeping up the momentum on your video project:

  • Know your stakeholders, and seek their feedback from the very beginning (check out this helpful video on collecting timely feedback from your team!)
  • Hold your team to internal deadlines for feedback 
  • Communicate! If something comes up and you need to step back from animation land for a bit, let us know. This helps us recalibrate timelines and expectations. 

Our proven production process allows us to make a high-quality explainer video in 4-6 weeks, but we can do it as quickly as – you guessed it – the next day.

Call us today to learn more about how we turn your ideas, products, or services into persuasive and fun explainer videos – fast!