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What’s your name?

Bess Zafran


What’s your title at Next Day Animations? Describe your work.

Special Projects Manager. I like to think of myself a the team’s left-handed right hand man (note: NOT an official job description.) I am currently putting a lot of time towards social media marketing and a competitive analysis, but I hope that as I continue to integrate into Next Day, I will get the chance to manage a lot of special projects that help out each member of this incredible team.


How long have you been at Next Day?

Since Feb 9, 2021


Have you ever met anyone famous?

Terry Cruz once gave me mac & cheese and then hugged me. No joke. There’s a picture.


What’s the best advice you’ve ever heard?

A dull pencil is better than a sharp mind.


Do you have a favorite quote? What is it?

Does the enteirty of Octavia Butler’s “Earthseed” count…? I could probably pick one quote from it but please don’t make me.


Cats or Dogs



Name three words that you describe you

Passionate, curious, silly


What’s your favorite song?

I can’t choose between Apple Tree and Orange Moon – both Erykah Badu. There’s gotta be a joke somewhere in here about apples and oranges…


Favorite movie?



Describe your typical work day

Each day I check in with our fearless leader (Jesse), who helps me plan my schedule by letting me know which of the many tasks on his plate he needs support with. Sometimes, he’ll orient me to other members of the team who could use a hand. One of the best parts about my job is that each day is really different depending on what the team needs – it’s never a boring work day!