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How Our Studio Partners with Clients Around the World

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Inventiveness: it’s one of our core values. 

Check out this blog we wrote about our fore core values: inventiveness, partnerhsip, clarity, and authenticity.

It’s also probably our favorite -ness, coming in just ahead of timeliness and attentiveness.

Why, you ask?

Creative problem solving and thinking outside the box has been the key factor that allows us to do our work globally, bringing the magic of animation to any interested client, no matter where they are based.

At our founding in 2010, we were creating engaging, short explainers for local causes. Now, we’re still doing that. On top of creating bi and tri-lingual videos, full-fledged training modules, and crucial appeals for funding for international organizations as far reaching as Salesforce, Smiletrain, and the World Bank.

Here are some of the ways our animation studio supports clients around the world.

We work across time zones.

Our process has been perfected in our twelve years as an animation studio. Because we are able to create an animation on any rush timeline, it has been important that we hammer out the steps clearly. This clear and consistent process helps us stay on track, no matter how many languages, stakeholders, or cultures we’re navigating.

Plus, we’re used to working across timezones: our commitment to having the best team out there means we’re located all over the globe, and are already comfortable with all of the acronyms… from AST to PTD!

While our studio has roots and main locations in Baltimore, Maryland and Minneapolis, Minnesota, we have employees based across the United States as well as team members in the Philippines, Thailand, and Serbia.

That means we’re always ready to support your idea, on your time.

You can learn more about our team on the About Us page.

Watch this video or click through the ‘Working with Us’ playlist for more details about our process.

2 NDA team members look on towards big screens; on one, faces of other staff members are looking on from Zoom. On another, a training slide from Pippi Kessler's workshop.

Our team enjoying a training with Pippi Kessler at our most recent (hybrid!) retreat in Maryland; Pippi helped our team develop skills around active listening and group dynamics & decision making.

We take care that your video speaks to your audience.

We’ve learned from experience creating explainer videos that stories reach our hearts most deeply when we are able to imagine ourselves in them. That’s why our explainer videos take care to understand with crystal clarity the problem your video will solve and who your audience is.

No matter what topic we are explaining, we take care to partner with clients and develop an understanding of who an audience is. That way, we can tailor our messaging, and even create animated characters that real world communities truly see themselves reflected in. The authenticity of our videos is supported by our capabilities for translations and subtitling on your entire video package.

Our communities are made up of many different kinds of people, and this is what makes them vibrant places to live, work, play, and raise families, and that’s why take care to investigate deeply and find the perfect voiceover artist and music selection for your video. 


We can also represent various accents and dialects. For example, the accent of a Guatemalan person speaking Spanish is different from a Chilean person speaking Spanish. We work with a vast range of voiceover artists to meet clients’ needs. Our roster of voiceover artists includes people across the gender spectrum, furthering our ability to match your custom script with a narration that audiences can hear themselves reflected in. 

We are fun to work with.

One of the most treasured pieces of feedback we get from clients is that they had fun while working on their video with us. Cultural differences mean that communication is key, and a sense of humor is mandatory. 

We’re good at cutting through complexity, getting to the heart of an issue, and bringing a spirit of curiosity to all of our collaborations. This means that clients feel listened to, and included in the process. And that makes things way more enjoyable for all of us.

These images are from a series of Instagram posts called #ReviewRoundup!

Want more where that came from?

Our animation studio is excited to support your big idea – whether you’re around the corner or across the sea.

Let’s talk it through. Give us a call at 202-747-0404 to get a quote for your video, or schedule your consultation here.